This list contains all stable releases in the cheqd-node v0.4.x family, and skips pre-release versions.

v0.4.1: Simplified Docker setup and stability improvements [March 2022]

Our packaged releases are currently compiled and tested for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, which is the recommended operating system for installation using Debian package or binaries.

For other operating systems, we needed to provide an alternative approach. Therefore, this point release was initiated which offers a pre-built Docker image releases for cheqd-node.


  • Docker Compose Easy Setup (#250)

  • Add euox pipefail check for bash scripts (#266)

  • Test for positive case of upgrade process (#268)

  • Refactor Debian package installer to handle upgrade scenarios better (#279) (Andrew Nikitin)

  • Unified network configuration generation (#267)

  • Further docker, tests improvements (#280)

  • Updated recommended docker image version

  • Revert fastsync version to v0 (#256)

  • Fix small errors around postpurge script

Full changelog: cheqd-node v0.4.1 release notes on GitHub

v0.4.0: Stability improvements after mainnet launch [January 2022]

This software upgrade proposal upgraded the version of cheqd-node software on our mainnet from v0.3.1, to v0.4.x.

Following the successful release of our mainnet in November 2021, we wanted to fast-follow with a some immediate improvements we felt necessary for the cheqd network.

This new node version is intended to enhance functionality currently available on v0.3.1. The upgrade to v0.4.x will be a breaking change that introduces new routes, plus fixes a few technical debt issues identified in the v0.3.x branch.


  • Bumped Cosmos SDK version from v0.44.3 to v0.44.5

  • Update DID operations in version v0.3.1 did not carry out a check on the keys used to authenticate the transaction.

    • In essence, this meant that any update DID operation could incorrectly update a DID or its associated DIDDoc. This has now been fixed.

  • Switched build system from using Starport to using Makefiles.

    • This gives greater control for future improvements and optimisation in adding support for other operating systems, database backends etc.

  • The node software binary has now been compiled with support for Ledger hardware wallet devices for key storage.

  • REST/gRPC endpoints for querying DIDs have been added. Documentation will be added to explain how these endpoints work.

Full changelog: cheqd-node v0.4.0 release notes on GitHub.

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