🪙Token top up

Users may exhaust their usage limits in their cheqd Studio billing plan, but may want to continue using the Studio before their usage limits refresh. Therefore, users can manually top up their account with CHEQ tokens to use any APIs that involve a ledger-write, e.g:

  1. Creating, Updating or Deactivating DIDs

  2. Creating unencrypted or encrypted Status Lists

  3. Creating Trust Registries

  4. Creating other DID-Linked Resources

Step 1: Locate your cheqd address (for CHEQ)

The following API can be used to fetch the new account information:

  • customer_id is used as an identifier for the particular customer using cheqd Studio. It is generated as a sub-field of the JWT token used in the authorization header.

  • cheqd_account is used to pay for identity transactions on either testnet or mainnet. A cheqd account is automatically generated when a new customer_id is generated.

Step 2: Adding CHEQ tokens to your account

Users will need to add our token, CHEQ, to their cheqd_account on mainnet in order to be able to use the ledger-based identity functionality on cheqd Studio, such as creating DIDs and DID-Linked Resources.

If you need to add CHEQ tokens to your cheqd Studio cheqd_account, there are a few steps you need to follow:

  • It is unlikely that you will ever need to top up your Testnet account, as this is handled automatically. However, in the event that your Testnet account runs out of tokens, you can follow the step below.

  • This is super simple. You can add free CHEQ tokens to your cheqd_account via our Testnet Faucet by inputting your cheqd account address. Access the Testnet Faucet directly here.

Once you have successfully created an account and have topped up your CHEQ tokens, you are ready to get started!

Step 3: Continue using cheqd

Get started with our tutorials for cheqd Studio functionality.

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