Issue Credential with Encrypted Status List

Understand how to issue a Verifiable Credential including an encrypted Status List in the body.

Issuers are able to add encrypted Status Lists to the body of the Credential if they have previously created an Encrypted Status List on-ledger.

Step 1: Set up your account

Make sure you have set up your account with cheqd Studio and are logged in, using our guide below:

Step 2: Create an Issuer DID

Before you can create an encrypted Status List for charging for Credentials, you need to create a DID which is used to link the Status List on-ledger. Use the API in the page below to create a DID:

Step 3: Create an Encrypted Status List

Follow the tutorial here to create an encrypted Status List with a set of Payment Conditions to unlock:

Step 4: Specify the encrypted Status List within Credential body

Follow the instructions within the /credential/create API below to format and issue a Verifiable Credential.

Ensure that the "statusListName" and "statusPurpose" are the same as the Status List created in Step 3. This makes sure that if the Credential Status is changed, for example, if it is revoked or suspended, the correct Status List will be updated.

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