🆔Create DIDs and Identity keys

Create DIDs and identity keys using cheqd's DID Method (did:cheqd)

A Decentralized Identifier "DID" is a globally unique identifier that does not require a centralized registration authority because it is registered with distributed ledger technology or other form of decentralized network.

What options do I have for creating DIDs on cheqd?

There are many different ways to create DIDs on cheqd, with options for easy integration (e.g. cheqd Studio) and more bespoke integrations (e.g. Credo and Veramo). Below are a list of options for creating cheqd DIDs.

Get started with cheqd Studio

The easiest way to start creating DIDs is with our product cheqd Studio, allowing users to build and create did:cheqd DIDs using REST APIs.

Read up on our DID Method

DIDs created using cheqd Studio use the did:cheqd DID Method. This is fully defined below, as well as the associated ledger-write fees:


cheqd DID Method

Click here to learn more about the cheqd DID method (did:cheqd).


DID Write Pricing

Click here to understand the price of DIDs and other resources on cheqd, compared to other identity networks.

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