Deactivating existing DIDs with cheqd Cosmos CLI

The purpose of this document is to describe how an existing DID (and associated DIDDoc) can be deactivated using the cheqd-node Cosmos CLI.

NOTE: The procedures below are only recommended for development purposes!

Using cheqd-node Cosmos CLI for real-world production usage is not recommended, since the identity keys are passed in raw form to the CLI. This is fine in development/testing usage, but is not recommend for mainnet.

Developers are encouraged to use production-grade CLI tools such as Veramo SDK for cheqd or look at our developer guide on how to integrate custom applications.



Deactivate an existing DID

1. Compile the payload

As in flow with creating DID-Document we need to compile payload.json file with private key inside and pass it to the CLI. The resulting JSON in our example will look liks:

  "payload": {
    "id": "did:cheqd:testnet:b0ca0b75-ca6a-4674-a261-45f6dd0c9c77"
  "signInputs": [
      "verificationMethodId": "did:cheqd:testnet:b0ca0b75-ca6a-4674-a261-45f6dd0c9c77#key1",
      "privKey": "FxaJOy4HFoC2Enu1SizKtU0L+hmBRBAEpC+B4TopfQoyetOF5T68Ks3db5Yy9ykFdgEboPUes3m6wvXNLpbv+Q=="

3. Send an deactivate DID transaction to the ledger

Send the updated DIDDoc to the ledger. This must be signed with the correct identity keys:

cheqd-noded tx cheqd deactivate-did <Payload_in_JSON>  \
  --from <cosmos_account> --node <url> --chain-id <chain> --fees <fee>


  • Payload_in_JSON - previously compiled JSON.

  • --from: Cosmos account key which will pay fees for the transaction to be written to ledger.

  • --node: IP address or URL of node to send request to

  • --chain-id: E.g., cheqd-testnet-6

  • --fees: Set to 10000000000ncheq, which is the fixed fee for deactivating a DID

Note that each of cheqd's on-ledger identity transactions has a fixed fee, the pricing for cheqd DIDs and DID-Linked Resources can be found here. If your account has insufficient balance the transaction will fail.


cheqd-noded tx cheqd deactivate-did "payload.json" \
  --from my_account --node --chain-id cheqd-testnet-6 --fees 10000000000ncheq

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