Setup DID Registrar

Setting up cheqd DID Registrar

This page describes how to use and set up the cheqd DID Registrar software package.

If you do not want to install anything and just want to test it using our testnet, you can load the REST API endpoint for registrar in your browser.

You should run your own registrar to perform DID Operations on the Mainnet.


Environment variable configuration

Environment variables needed for the Registrar are

  1. FEE_PAYER_TESTNET_MNEMONIC : The cosmos payer mnemonic for the Cheqd Mainnet

  2. FEE_PAYER_MAINNET_MNEMONIC : The cosmos payer mnemonic for the Cheqd Tesnet, By default it's the Testnet Faucet

  3. LOCAL_STORE_TTL (default: 600): The time in seconds for the registrar to store data in cache

  4. PORT (default: 3000): The port number

Clone the repository

git clone
cd did-registrar

Running a DID Registrar Using Docker

Build Docker container image using Dockerfile:

docker build --target cheqd-did-registrar . --tag did-registrar:local

Run the Docker container (modify according to your own build tags and other desired parameters):

docker run -it did-registrar:local

Running a DID Registrar Locally

npm install
npm run build
npm start 

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