Querying DIDs with cheqd Cosmos CLI


An existing did:cheqd entry created using any SDK/CLI. For development purposes, this can be done using the cheqd-node Cosmos CLI.

NOTE: Use the cheqd DID Resolver for production-grade usage

Querying using the Cosmos CLI is useful for development purposes, but the DID Resolver is designed for programmatic usage. Production-grade SDKs such as Veramo SDK for cheqd also rely on the DID Resolver package.

Querying DIDDocs for existing DIDs


cheqd-noded query cheqd did-document <id> --chain-id <chain-id> --node <node-rpc-endpoint>


cheqd-noded query cheqd did-document did:cheqd:mainnet:7urFZAL6hvyfHWjfEmEpnN --node https://rpc.cheqd.net:443

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