Setup Verida Wallet

Setup your wallet to receive credentials.

cheqd Studio currently is setup to work with the Verida Wallet. In 2024, we will be building compatibility with a full suite of other digital identity wallets.

Verida Wallet

Subject DID

On the "Profile" tab, you will see your did:vda address under the section "DID".

For example: "did:vda:testnet:0xD7477C4a75143Af16A967381d09650A533Bd0DD7"

Rendering credentials

Credentials stored with the credential schema will automatically be rendered in the Verida Wallet as a credential. This custom display includes:

  1. A scannable QR code

  2. The profile icon of the Verida DID that issued / signed the credential

  3. A tick of approval indicating the credential has been verified

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