Issue Credentials and Presentations

Learn how to issue and manage Verifiable Credentials and Presentations.

Verifiable Credentials are a tamper-evident data format for asserting a set of claims about a subject. You can issue and verify Verifiable Credentials and Presentations without building complex integrations, using our simple cheqd Studio APIs.

📚 Learn about Verifiable Credentials and Presentations

If you want to learn more about what Verifiable Credentials and Presentations are, please go over to our learning site here.

What options do I have for issuing credentials anchored on cheqd?

There are many different ways to issue verifiable credentials signed by DIDs anchored on cheqd, with options for easy integration (e.g. cheqd Studio) and more bespoke integrations (e.g. Credo and Veramo). Below are a list of options for issuing credentials with cheqd underneath:

Partner SaaS products

You can use SaaS products from our partners to create best-in-class credential ecosystems, built on cheqd

Get started with cheqd Studio

Make sure you've set up your account with cheqd Studio, then you can start to:

Supported Credential types

cheqd supports all four major digital Credential types via its selection of SDKs and APIs. Below you can learn about these Credential formats:


Selective Disclosure JWT (SD-JWT) is the most commonly adopted credential format for European Digital Identity Ecosystems, allowing users to selectively disclose which attributes they would like to share in a presentation.


JSON Web Token (JWT) Credentials are a simple way to transmit Trusted Data as a JSON object.


JSON-LD (Linked Data) Credentials are a richer data format, allowing applications to follow embedded links to other pieces of Linked Data across the web.


AnonCreds is a credential format maintained by the Hyperledger Foundation, with functionality for zero knowledge proofs (ZKPs) and selective disclosure.

Credential Coverage

Depending on what type of credentials you want to use, choose the SDK that suits your tech stack:

Functionalitycheqd StudioCredo (and Paradym)

JSON based JWT Verifiable Credential (spec)





JSON-LD Verifiable Credential (spec)





AnonCreds (spec)


Selective Disclosure-JWT Credential (spec)




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