Verify Presentation

Verify presentations on cheqd Studio.

A Verifiable Presentation is a collection of multiple Verifiable Credentials that are being presented by a holder to a verifier. In addition to checking whether the Credentials are untampered, Verifiable Presentation verification also checks that the holder subject DID is valid.

Step 1: Obtain Presentation to Verify

To verify a Credential, you can either pass the full VP-JWT string or a JSON object. These can be either obtained from a Verifiable Presentation presented to the user.

Step 2: Configure Verification Parameters

The user is able to set verification parameters to filter whether they want to verify certain aspects of a Presentation, including:

  • true (indicates that the user wants to verify the Credential Statuses within the Presentatiuon, requiring a credentialStatus property to be present in at least one Credential within the Presentation)

  • false (Default. Indicates that the user does not want to verify the Credential Status.


When dealing with JSON-LD type Verifiable Credentials you also MUST provide the proper contexts within a Credential body. Set this to true ONLY if you want the @context URLs to be fetched in case they are a custom context.

  • true

  • false (default)

Step 3: Execute the API

Use the API below to verify a Presentation

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