👉Set up your account

Learn how to set up your account on cheqd Studio.

The user is required to Log In to our cheqd Studio portal, select a billing plan and then access their API key to authenticate with our APIs. The API key guards the API from unauthorized access and is required for both testing production environments.

Step 1: Get started with cheqd Studio portal

Head to our cheqd Studio and click Sign up or Log in to get started.

cheqd Studio uses a third party service called LogTo to handle user authentication and login. This allows users to create new accounts as well as sign in using their email, Google single sign-on, or Discord login.

Step 2: Select a Billing plan

Once a user has signed in or created a new account, they will need to select a Billing Plan from the Billing tab on the cheqd Studio dashboard.

You will be able to get started for free by selecting the "Test" plan, which includes a Free Trial. cheqd Studio billing uses Stripe as a payments processor and users will need to input their card information to initiate a billing plan.

New users can cancel their cheqd Studio plan at any time within the free trial period and will not be charged.

Step 3: Create a new API key and authenticate with cheqd Studio APIs

Step 4: Start using cheqd

Get started with our tutorials for cheqd Studio functionality.

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