AnonCreds Object Method

cheqd AnonCreds Object Method Specification

cheqd AnonCreds Object Method

cheqd intends to directly support AnonCreds using its DID-Linked Resource module in an AnonCreds Object Method. With its resource module, cheqd will identify each on-ledger resource with a DID Core compliant DID URL. This DID URL will be able to be dereferenced in order to fetch the resource and associated metadata.

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Why is AnonCreds support important?

While AnonCreds are only one flavour of Verifiable Credentials, they are currently in a functional state and are heavily used by cheqd's partners. Other Credential types, such as JSON-LD with BBS+ signatures, can provide a lot of equivalent functionality, but are currently not production ready.

Therefore, it is important for cheqd to provide support for AnonCreds in order to enable partners with existing clients using AnonCreds to use cheqd and existing Indy ledgers concurrently, within existing applications.

What does AnonCreds support look like?

Our aim is to support the functionality enabled by identity-domain transactions in by Hyperledger Indy into cheqd-node. This will reach the goal of allowing use cases of existing SSI networks on Hyperledger Indy to be supported by the cheqd network.

Importantly, we want to make sure that this work is done in a manner which brings AnonCreds closer to W3C compliance and wide-scale interoperability.

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