Ethereum Bridge

To create an ERC20 representation of the Cosmos based CHEQ token we’ve used a bridge. A blockchain bridge or ‘cross-chain bridge’ enables users to transfer assets or any form of data seamlessly from one entirely separate protocol or ecosystem to another (i.e. Solana to Ethereum, or in our case Cosmos to Ethereum and vice versa).

The CHEQ-ERC20 wrapped token can be found here (you can also add it to your MetaMask wallet through this link — go to profile summary > click ‘more’ > ‘add token to MetaMask’ )

Why did we decide on a bridge to Ethereum?

As we build payment rails for trusted data (more on that below), we want to offer issuers, verifiers (the receivers of trusted data), and holders a choice on the means of settlement. We expect a preference for stablecoins to eliminate the volatility in either pricing or settling payments for trusted data.

Find out more on our learn site below:

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