🗝️API keys

API keys are unique data strings used to authenticate a user and enable access to privileged operations on cheqd Studio APIs. All cheqd Studio APIs use API keys as the mechanism to authenticate client requests. Your API key should be kept confidential and secure at all times.

  • Authentication is required for all API requests; without it, the requests will fail.

  • All API requests must be made over HTTPS.

🚧Keep Your API Keys Safe

Because our API keys allow access to cheqd Studio APIs, you must keep them secure at all times.

  • Ensure your API key is always stored securely as soon as it is initially generated.

  • Make sure to copy your API key into a secure place, such as a Password Manager.

  • Never share it or record it in a publicly accessible medium (client-side code, public repositories, etc.).

Caution: If you lose secure control of your API keys, your entity may not be able to access your created DIDs, DID-Linked Resources or Credential Payments.

Step 1: Sign into cheqd Studio

Follow the tutorial here to get started with your cheqd Studio account.

Step 2: Generate API key

Navigate to the "Developers" tab on cheqd Studio and select "Create an API Key". You are able to choose the expiry date of the API key, and it will automatically be set to expire 1 year from the current date.

Step 3: Use your API key to authenticate with cheqd Studio APIs

Navigate to the "APIs" tab and copy/paste your API key into the API key box towards the top of your page. This will enable you to authenticate with the cheqd Studio APIs, allowing users to use cheqd Studio APIs within their existing Billing Plan and usage limits.

Step 4: Start using cheqd

Get started with our tutorials for cheqd Studio functionality.

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