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Big Dipper 2.0

🛠️ Github repository: cheqd/big-dipper-2.0-cosmos

Big Dipper is an open-source block explorer and token management tool serving over 10 proof-of-stake blockchains. It has been forked more than 100 times on GitHub and has served audiences from 140 countries and regions.

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Features specific to cheqd

We have added cheqd transaction views to the visual UI of BigDipper, which enables users to see, for example:

  1. createDID transactions

  2. updateDID transactions

  3. createResource transactions


🛠️ Github repository: cheqd/bdjuno

BDJuno (shorthand for BigDipper Juno) is the Juno implementation for BigDipper.

Features specific to cheqd

  1. Indexing for cheqd network DIDs and DID-Linked Resources

  2. Changes to workflows/pipelines

  3. Optimised Dockerfile

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