🤝Build Trust Registries

Establish end-to-end trust using cheqd's trust registry infrastructure

Trust Registries enable a Relying Party to determine the authenticity of a legal entity within a digital credential ecosytem. Trust Registries are crucial to establish for production environments, because they add extra levels of assurance to the authenticity of Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs).

cheqd has pioneered a industry-leading trust registry solution, allowing users to create hierarchical chains of trust, with each trust registry entry being DID-Resolvable.

Learn about cheqd Trust Registries

cheqd supports multiple Trust Registry Data Models, using its flexible DID and DID-Linked Resource architecture. Users should familiarise themselves with each Trust Registry approach before getting started with our APIs.

Learn about a data model below:

Get started

Start building with our cheqd Studio APIs and configure a trust registry for your digital credential ecosystem:


cheqd's Trust Registry model can work in conjunction with the Eclipse Foundation's TRAIN implementation for establishing secure Roots of Trust and Trust Registry policy resolution.

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