Querying a DID

Follow these instructions to query a DID from cheqd ledger.

⚠️ Before you begin...

Make sure you've correctly configured the cheqd plugin's agent settings for Veramo CLI


1. Invoke Veramo CLI's DID resolver function

Use veramo did resolve <did> to resolve a DID. For example:

veramo did resolve did:cheqd:mainnet:PdMMR9Jb4vgKkGboB7NFLC

TIp: If you have followed along the process of creating a did. You can put your did instead.

veramo did resolve did:cheqd:testnet:<your_did_>

2. Inspect DID/DIDDoc output

The output should look like the following:

  "didResolutionMetadata": {
    "contentType": "application/did+json",
    "retrieved": "2022-07-28T15:05:06Z",
    "did": {
      "didString": "did:cheqd:mainnet:PdMMR9Jb4vgKkGboB7NFLC",
      "methodSpecificId": "PdMMR9Jb4vgKkGboB7NFLC",
      "method": "cheqd"
  "didDocument": {
    "id": "did:cheqd:mainnet:PdMMR9Jb4vgKkGboB7NFLC",
    "verificationMethod": [
        "id": "did:cheqd:mainnet:PdMMR9Jb4vgKkGboB7NFLC#key1",
        "type": "JsonWebKey2020"
        "controller": "did:cheqd:mainnet:PdMMR9Jb4vgKkGboB7NFLC",
        "publicKeyJwk": {
          "crv": "Ed25519",
          "kty": "OKP",
          "x": "jaa70K9yy4Tw-YEsA2T4F10jsQuFdpVJN9LLhjmOUGw"
    "authentication": [
  "didDocumentMetadata": {
    "created": "2022-05-13T14:01:20Z",
    "versionId": "83fe6fa4-c844-438f-861a-cbd91202864f"

Next steps

DID queries are passed and handled using the cheqd DID Resolver. You can also check out the API endpoints exposed by the DID Resolver to understand how this can be fetched/consumed outside Veramo CLI.

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