Troubleshooting Veramo CLI setup

This guide provides common errors and potential fixes for them if you encountered errors when setting up Veramo CLI.

Common errors when setting up Veramo CLI

1. Cannot find module @cheqd/did-provider-cheqd

$ veramo config check -f agent.yml

Unable to create agent from ./agent.yml. Error creating @cheqd/did-provider-cheqd['CheqdDIDProvider']: Cannot find module '@cheqd/did-provider-cheqd'

This error typically happens when the version of did-provider-cheqd is incompatible with the version of Veramo CLI being used.

This can happen if you didn't use the npm -g ("global") flag when installing the packages, and have a conflicting package version for any of the required packages in the folder where you executed this command from.

To verify if this is the case, check the version number of globally-installed NPM packages. Your list may be shorter or longer than this list, but pay close attention to the @cheqd/did-provider-cheqd and @veramo/cli versions.

$npm list -g

├── @cheqd/did-provider-cheqd@1.6.5
├── @veramo/cli@3.1.6-next.160+6fbd22fa
└── npm@8.16.0

Compare and contrast this from the output from the same folder where the command failed without the --global / -g flag:

$ npm list
@cheqd/did-provider-cheqd@1.6.5 /path/to/some/other/folder
├── @cheqd/sdk@1.2.8
├── @cheqd/ts-proto@1.0.12
├── ...
├── @veramo/cli@3.1.5
├── @veramo/core@3.1.6-next.160
├── @veramo/did-manager@3.1.6-next.160
├── @veramo/did-provider-key@3.1.3
├── @veramo/key-manager@3.1.6-next.160
├── ...

In this example above, you'll see that the version of the @veramo/cli package is not the same one as the global one. This could equally happen with the @cheqd/did-provider-cheqd version.

Doing a global install for both packages will ensure that you've got the correct packages, regardless of which folder the agent.yml file is kept in.

2. Invalid word count in mnemonic

$ veramo config check -f agent.yml

Your Veramo configuration seems fine. An agent can be created and the 'agent.execute()' method can be called on it.
            throw new Error(`Invalid word count in mnemonic (allowed: ${allowedWordsLengths} got: ${words.length})`);

This error is thrown if the cosmosPayerMnemonic value is set to an incorrect number of words (it should either be 12 or 24 words), or if it's left to the default value of 'your cosmos payer mnemonic'.

Note: You can use the same mnemonic for both mainnet and testnet, since the same account address has separate balances on different networks.

Heads-up: Even if you're trying it on testnet you still need to put cosmosPayerMnemonic for your mainnet (You can use the same cosmosPayerMnemonic). Otherwise, you will still be getting the same error as above when you run veramo config check -f agent.yml.

3. Running wget -c command is giving you errors

  • First, create agent.yml file at root directory level.

  • Second, go to this url, copy everything from there and paste it in your agent.yml file. And you're good to go. 😉

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