Verify a Verifiable Presentation

This tutorial offers step-by-step guidance on how to verify a Verifiable Presentation.

⚠️ Before you begin...

Make sure you've correctly configured the cheqd plugin's agent settings for Veramo CLI


The cryptographic verification in this tutorial will be based on JWT proof of a previously-created Verifiable Presentation.

1. Call Veramo's presentation verify function

If you have the generated Verifiable Presentation stored, pass it to the presentation verify function:

cat pres.txt | veramo presentation verify

2. Check verification output

If the verification is successful, you'll receive this response:

Presentation verified successfully

🤨 Troubleshoot verifying JWT presentations

If you belive you did everything right(created a verifiable presentation and you did not tamper it), and for some reason you're getting

Presentation could not be verified

You can fix it the following way

  • First, make sure you are using a node with version 16 or above.

  • Second, Change veramo cli version to @veramo/cli@latest -g as previous versions cause few issues in verification. This will override the previous version you have installed.

 npm i @veramo/cli@latest -g
  • Run command below to verify your JWT presentation.

veramo presentation verify -r <enter-the-JWT-here>

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