Search Status List v2021

The /credential-status/search API allows users to search for specific entries of a Status List on the cheqd network. For example, if there are multiple Status Lists associated with the same DID, the search functionality allows applications to make requests only to a specified Status List.

Step 1: Set Status List Search Filters

Users are able to filter by:

did (required)

The is the DID of the publisher of the Status List. The Status List entries will be DID-Linked Resources associated with this DID.


The is the type of Status List to be queried. The options are:

  • revocation

  • suspension


The is the name of the Status List. Alongside the statusPurpose, this will uniquely identify a version of the Status List.

Step 2: Hit the API

Execute the filters from Step 1 on the API below:

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