🫐Walt.id SSI Kit

Walt ID SSI Kit with cheqd support

SSI Kit is an Open Source SDK from walt.id which supports cheqd functionality, and other identity networks, via REST API calls or through a native CLI tool.

Walt.id run multiple SaaS offering for customers with varying levels of support and integration requirements.

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In order to be able to onboard the did:cheqd on testnet and mainnet, SSIKit relies on a cheqd universal registrar deployed on walt.id infrastructure. The DID will be created using a key imported into or also created with SSIKit.

Supported Credential types

SSI Kit natively supports the following Credential formats:


Selective Disclosure JWT (SD-JWT) is the most commonly adopted credential format for European Digital Identity Ecosystems, allowing users to selectively disclose which attributes they would like to share in a presentation.


JSON Web Token (JWT) Credentials are a simple way to transmit Trusted Data as a JSON object.


JSON-LD (Linked Data) Credentials are a richer data format, allowing applications to follow embedded links to other pieces of Linked Data across the web.

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