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ℹ️ Overview

cheqd is a public self-sovereign identity (SSI) network for building secure 🔐 and private 🤫 self-sovereign identity systems on Cosmos 💫. Our core vision is to add viable commercial models to decentralised digital 🆔
cheqd-node is the ledger/node component of the cheqd network tech stack, built using Cosmos SDK and Tendermint.

▶️ Quick start for joining cheqd networks

Join our cheqd Community Slack for help, questions, and support if you are looking to join our mainnet or the testnet.
Either the cheqd team, or one of your fellow node operators will be happy to offer some guidance.

✅ Mainnet

Getting started as a node operator on the cheqd network mainnet is as simple as...
  1. 1.
    Install the cheqd-node software (version 0.5.0+) on a hosting platform of your choice
  2. 2.
    Once you have acquired CHEQ tokens, promote your node to a validator
If successfully configured, your node would become the latest validator on the cheqd mainnet. Welcome to the new digital ID revolution!

🚧 Testnet

Our testnet is the easiest place for developers and node operators to get started if you're not quite ready yet to dive into building apps on our mainnet. To get started...
  1. 1.
    Install v0.5.0 of cheqd-node (same version as that on mainnet)
  2. 2.
    Acquire testnet CHEQ tokens through our testnet faucet.

🧑‍💻 Using cheqd

Once installed, cheqd-node can be controlled using the cheqd Cosmos CLI guide.

📌 Currently supported functionality

  • Basic token functionality for holding and transferring tokens to other accounts on the same network
  • Creating, managing, and configuring accounts and keys on a cheqd node
  • Staking and participating in public-permissionless governance
  • Governance framework for public-permissionless self-sovereign identity networks
  • Creating did:cheqd method DIDs, DID Documents ("DIDDocs")
  • Querying DIDs/DIDDocs using our Universal Resolver driver
  • Creating and managing Verifiable Credentials anchored to DIDs on cheqd mainnet

🔮 Upcoming functionality

A non-exhaustive list of future planned functionality (not necessarily in order of priority) is highlighted below:
  • Defining persistent Schemas that can be referenced using DIDs
We plan on adding new functionality rapidly and on a regular basis and welcome feedback on our cheqd Community Slack workspace.

🛠 Developing & contributing to cheqd

cheqd-node is written in Go and built using Cosmos SDK. The Cosmos SDK Developer Guide explains a lot of the basic concepts of how the cheqd network functions.
If you want to build a node from source or contribute to the code, please read our guide to building and testing.

Creating a local network

If you are building from source, or otherwise interested in running a local network, we have instructions on how to set up a new network for development purposes.

🐞 Bug reports & 🤔 feature requests

If you notice anything not behaving how you expected, or would like to make a suggestion / request for a new feature, please create a new issue and let us know.

💬 Community

The cheqd Community Slack is our primary chat channel for the open-source community, software developers, and node operators.
Please reach out to us there for discussions, help, and feedback on the project.

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