Creating a software upgrade proposal

Upgrade process includes 2 main parts:

  • Sending a SoftwareUpgradeProposal to the network

  • Moving to the new binary manually

Sending SoftwareUpgradeProposal

In general, this proposal is the document which includes some additional information for operators about improvements in new version of application or another additional remarks. There are not any requirements for proposal text, just recommendations and information for operators. And also, please make sure that this proposal will be stored in the ledger in case of success voting process in the future.

Steps for making proposal

The next steps are describing the general flow for making a proposal:

  • Send proposal command to the pool;

  • After getting it, ledger will be in the PROPOSAL_STATUS_DEPOSIT_PERIOD;

  • After sending the first deposit from one of other operators, proposal status will be moved to PROPOSAL_STATUS_VOTING_PERIOD and voting period (2 weeks for now) will be started;

  • Due to the voting period operators should send their votes to the pool, get new binary downloaded and got to be installed;

  • After voting period passing (for now it's 2 weeks) in case of success voting process proposal should be passed to PROPOSAL_STATUS_PASSED;

  • The next step is waiting for height which was suggested for upgrade.

  • On the proposed height current node will be blocked until new binary will be installed and set up.

Command for sending proposal

cheqd-noded tx gov submit-proposal software-upgrade upgrade_to_0.3 --title "Upgrade to 0.3 version" --description "This proposal is about new version of our application." --upgrade-height <upgrade height> --from <operator alias> --chain-id <chain_id>

The main parameters here are:

  • upgrade_to_0.3 - name of proposal which will be used in UpgradeHandler in the new application,

  • --upgrade-height - height when upgrade process will be occurred,

  • --from - alias of a key which will be used for signing proposal,

  • <chain_id> - identifier of chain which will be used while creating the blockchain.

In case of successful submitting the next command can be used for getting proposal_id:

cheqd-noded query gov proposals

This command will return list of all proposals. It's needed to find the last one with corresponding name and title. Please, remember this proposal_id because it will be used in next steps.

Also, the next command is very useful for getting information about proposal status:

cheqd-noded query gov proposal <proposal_id>

Expected result for this state is PROPOSAL_STATUS_DEPOSIT_PERIOD, It means, that pool is in waiting for the first deposit state.

Sending deposit

Since getting proposal, the DEPOSIT should be set to the pool.It will be return after finishing voting_preiod. For setting deposit the next command is used:

cheqd-noded tx gov deposit <proposal_id> 10000000ncheq --from <operator_alias> --chain-id <chain_id>


  • <proposal_id> - proposal identifier from [step](#Command for sending proposal) In this example, amount of deposit is equal to current min-deposit value.

Voting process

Send votes

After getting deposit from the previous step, the VOTING_PERIOD will be started. For now, we have 2 weeks for making some discussions and collecting needed vote count. For setting vote, the next command can be used:

cheqd-noded tx gov vote <proposal_id> yes --from <operator_alias> --chain-id <chain_id>

The main parameters here:

  • <proposal_id> - proposal identifier from [step](#Command for sending proposal)

Votes can be queried by sending request:

cheqd-noded query gov votes <proposal_id>

Finish voting period

At the end of voting period, after voting_end_time, the state of proposal with <proposal_id> should be changed to PROPOSAL_STATUS_PASSED, if there was enough votes Also, deposits should be refunded back to the operators.


After getting proposal status as passed, upgrade plan will be active. It can be requested by:

$ cheqd-noded query upgrade plan --chain-id cheqd         -testnet-2                                                   0 [19:06:50]
height: "1000"
info: ""
name: <name of proposal>

It means, that at height 1000 BeginBlocker will be set and node will be out of consensus and wait for moving to the new version of application.

It will be stopped and the next messages in log are expected:

5:17PM ERR UPGRADE "<proposed upgrade name>" NEEDED at height: 1000:
5:17PM ERR UPGRADE "<proposed upgrade name>" NEEDED at height: 1000:
panic: UPGRADE "<proposed upgrade name>" NEEDED at height: 1000:

After setting up new version of application node will continue ordering process.

Instructions on setting up a new node/version can be found in our installation guide.

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