Network-wide Software Upgrades


Updates to the ledger code running on cheqd mainnet/testnet is voted in via governance proposals on-chain for "breaking" software changes.

We use semantic versioning to define our software release versions. The latest software version running on chain is in the v1.x.x family. Any new release versions that bump only the minor/fix version digits (the second and the third part of release version numbers) is intended to be compatible within the family and does not require an on-chain upgrade proposal to be made.

Latest on-chain software upgrade

Creating a new software upgrade proposal

Network-wide software upgrades are typically initiated by the core development team behind the cheqd project. The process followed for the network upgrade is defined in our guide on creating a Software Upgrade proposal via network governance.

Legacy software upgrade proposals

This section lists previous software upgrade proposals which are no longer valid for the active mainnet/testnet.

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