Create a new Resource version within existing Collection

Follow these instructions to create a new DID and publish the associated DIDDoc on cheqd ledger.

⚠️ Before you begin...

Make sure you've correctly configured the cheqd plugin's agent settings for Veramo CLI


1. Create a DID

Follow this tutorial to generate keys and create a DID.

2. Create a DID-Linked Resource

Follow this tutorial to create the first version of the resource.

3. Publish the new Resource version

Follow exactly the same steps as the first resource. Note that to create a new resource version which belongs to the same set as a previous resource, in the you must specify the same:

  • collectionId

  • name

  • resourceType

Each resource in such a set has a link to the previous version (except the first version) and the next version (if it's not the most recent version).

New versions have dedicated unique IDs and can be referenced and retrieved as any other resources.


Follow the same tutorial as for resource creation, but use the same collectionId, name and resourceType as for the previous Resource version.

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