Deactivate a DID

Follow these instructions to update an existing did:cheqd entry on cheqd ledger.

⚠️ Before you begin...

Make sure you've correctly configured the cheqd plugin's agent settings for Veramo CLI


Deactivate a DID

Construct your payload.json file like this:

  "kms": "local",
  "alias": "deactivate-my-did",
  "document": {
    "id": "did:cheqd:testnet:3e6bd814-6851-4c8a-b114-c64f035ef590",
    "verificationMethod": [
        "id": "did:cheqd:testnet:3e6bd814-6851-4c8a-b114-c64f035ef590#key-1",
        "type": "Ed25519VerificationKey2020",
        "controller": "did:cheqd:testnet:3e6bd814-6851-4c8a-b114-c64f035ef590",
        "publicKeyMultibase": "z2yJuNbhoUpRn7ypAugSLzkCc8QEw146RJ8DD3jzCZQ6A"
  "versionId": "<uuid>", // optional
  "keys": [
      "publicKeyHex": "074035480cdcf09c33b1e8066deb55c75822c8c3b27f1c100717eb413bc08e06",
      "privateKeyHex": "84ecb7d289dd5c5e82071f8a16503ba5d7b5b3174a619186f430918a6ab00e3b074035480cdcf09c33b1e8066deb55c75822c8c3b27f1c100717eb413bc08e06",
      "kid": "074035480cdcf09c33b1e8066deb55c75822c8c3b27f1c100717eb413bc08e06",
      "type": "Ed25519"
  "fee": {
    "amount": [{
      "denom": "ncheq",
      "amount": "10000000000"
    "gas": "400000",
    "payer": "cheqd1rnr5jrt4exl0samwj0yegv99jeskl0hsxmcz96"

Where importantly:

  • denom: ncheq (smallest denomination classification)

  • amount: 10000000000 (This is 10 CHEQ by default and will not work with a different value)

Then try running the command below to deactivate the did:

veramo execute -m cheqdDeactivateIdentifier --argsFile path/to/payload.json

If you would like to fetch the deactivated DIDDoc, execute the resolve command as outlined here. You can check if didDocumentMetadata has the deactivated flag set to true.

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