cheqd DID method

The cheqd DID method is a W3C Decentralized Identifiers (DID) specification-compliant DID method.
The team behind the core cheqd product/tech stack have extensive experience working in self-sovereign identity (SSI) / decentralized identity. Many of the design decisions and product features available on cheqd network are meant to address real-world issues with SSI adoption that the team faced.
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Details of the did:cheqd method are described in the Architecture Decision Record for the cheqd DID method

What's different about the cheqd DID method

W3C DID Specification compliance

DID Spec Registries

You can also find the cheqd DID method formally registered in the W3C DID Spec Registries, the canonical registry for DID methods.

DID Core Test suite

Standards-compliance tests with the W3C DID Core Test suite is also available and updated regularly for did:cheqd.
There are three components that the DID Core Test suite checks for specification compliance: DID Methods, DID Resolvers, and DID URL Dereferencers. These can be viewed at: