Product Overview

Dive into cheqd's product and identity functionality
cheqd is a purpose-built network for decentralised identity. This documentation site provides technical and product information for all identity features & functionality on the cheqd network.

Integrate with cheqd

cheqd maintains an array of packages with varying levels of integration complexity to allow its partners and customers to have a variety of ways of plugging into cheqd's identity functionality. Via these different packages, customers and partners can issue and verify Verifiable Credentials, create cheqd DIDs, DID-Linked Resources, Status Lists and Schemas with different levels of integration effort and flexibility.
There are three core ways of integrating and building with cheqd:

What functionality does cheqd offer?

cheqd's identity functionality is fully standards compliant, ensuring interoperability and no vendor lock-in. cheqd's tooling and different product offerings offer a variety of building blocks for any Trusted Data Market.

Industry Standard DID Support

If you want to utilise cheqd DIDs or DID-Linked Resources within applications without a specific cheqd integration, you can incorporate a Universal Registrar or Universal Resolver driver to support did:cheqd alongside other commonly adopted DID methods.

Get started with Credential Service

Credential Service is the easiest route to get started with cheqd's identity functionality, or for testing with very low integration effort. Using simple REST APIs, it is possible to integrate Credential Service in a few lines of code, or issue Credentials within a few clicks.
Under the hood, Credential Service utilises the Veramo SDK cheqd Plugin, providing the most feature complete set of functionality and tooling.
If you'd rather build a deeper integration using a Software Development Kit (SDK) or lower level package, we've created a simple diagram to show how our packages are structured below.

Understanding the structure of cheqd's packages

One of cheqd's primary motives is to make itself accessible to the widest set of identity applications possible. To accomplish this, cheqd has built a flexible set of packages and tooling to accommodate its identity capabilities into a broad set of external SDKs and applications.
These can be represented through the visual below:
cheqd SDK packages diagram

Get involved

The cheqd Community Slack is our primary chat channel for the open-source community, software developers, and node operators.
Please reach out to us there for discussions, help, and feedback on the project.

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