Deactivating existing DIDs with cheqd Cosmos CLI

The purpose of this document is to describe how an existing DID (and associated DIDDoc) can be deactivated using the cheqd-node Cosmos CLI.
NOTE: The procedures below are only recommended for development purposes!
Using cheqd-node Cosmos CLI for real-world production usage is not recommended, since the identity keys are passed in raw form to the CLI. This is fine in development/testing usage, but is not recommend for mainnet.



Deactivate an existing DID

1. Compile the payload

As in flow with creating DID-Document we need to compile payload.json file with private key inside and pass it to the CLI. The resulting JSON in our example will look liks:
"payload": {
"id": "did:cheqd:testnet:b0ca0b75-ca6a-4674-a261-45f6dd0c9c77"
"signInputs": [
"verificationMethodId": "did:cheqd:testnet:b0ca0b75-ca6a-4674-a261-45f6dd0c9c77#key1",
"privKey": "FxaJOy4HFoC2Enu1SizKtU0L+hmBRBAEpC+B4TopfQoyetOF5T68Ks3db5Yy9ykFdgEboPUes3m6wvXNLpbv+Q=="

3. Send an deactivate DID transaction to the ledger

Send the updated DIDDoc to the ledger. This must be signed with the correct identity keys:
cheqd-noded tx cheqd deactivate-did <Payload_in_JSON> \
--from <cosmos_account> --node <url> --chain-id <chain> --fees <fee>


  • Payload_in_JSON - previously compiled JSON.
  • --from: Cosmos account key which will pay fees for the transaction to be written to ledger.
  • --node: IP address or URL of node to send request to
  • --chain-id: E.g., cheqd-testnet-6
  • --fees: Set to 10000000000ncheq, which is the fixed fee for deactivating a DID
Note that each of cheqd's on-ledger identity transactions has a fixed fee, the pricing for cheqd DIDs and DID-Linked Resources can be found here. If your account has insufficient balance the transaction will fail.


cheqd-noded tx cheqd deactivate-did "payload.json" \
--from my_account --node --chain-id cheqd-testnet-6 --fees 10000000000ncheq
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