Practical guide to voting

cheqd Governance Dashboard

Governance on cheqd is carried out through our Governance Dashboard or Governance Forum. These can always be found at the link:

How do I vote on Governance Proposals?

To view the active Governance Proposals, click the tab "Proposals" in the top right menu.
Image showing cheqd Governance proposals
You will be able to see all active Governance Proposals. If you click on the specific Proposal, you will be able to easily vote on it.
Image showing how to vote on OmniFlix
Select your vote and hit "Confirm"
You can also vote using our Governance forum, Commonwealth.
You can login to Commonwealth using your Keplr wallet and vote on the Proposals tab.
Image showing how to vote on Commonwealth
The weight of your vote is tied to how many $CHEQ tokens you hold. You can learn more about how Voting works here: