Start Here

This Section will introduce key concepts that you will come across in the course of participating in the cheqd ecosystem.

Starting your journey with cheqd

To give you the best experience in understanding how our Network governance works, we have segmented our governance information into different user stories.
Feel free to select the route that suits you best:


If you are not familiar with governance, and especially decentralised governance, we suggest that you should begin with our introductory documents:


If you want to get your teeth into this documentation, improve it and make everything better, you can use the invite link here:

Community buzzer

If you want to get jump into our community, across a variety of platforms, you can use the link here:


If you want to use change the way cheqd Network functions, and use CHEQ for governance purposes, you can read how on-ledger governance works:


If you want to run a Node on cheqd, or get yourself into our technical documentation, we suggest you start here:

Still a bit confused?

check out our learning page, designed to help you learn the basics:
We’ve also got some super simple videos on our cheqd YouTube channel explaining SSI and the objectives of cheqd.
And we also have a Glossary to help you understand all this technical mumbo jumbo!