Updating existing DIDs with cheqd Cosmos CLI

The purpose of this document is to describe how an existing DID (and associated DIDDoc) can be updated using the cheqd-node Cosmos CLI.
NOTE: The procedures below are only recommended for development purposes!
Using cheqd-node Cosmos CLI for real-world production usage is not recommended, since the identity keys are passed in raw form to the CLI. This is fine in development/testing usage, but is not recommend for mainnet.




  • Given this procedure below is intended for development/training purposes, we assume that the user stores their public/private keys safely during the DID creation process and has access to it.
  • Updating a DIDDoc requires the full updated DIDDoc to be sent. Only the updated/changed parts cannot be sent. This accounts for scenarios where the DIDDoc may have been updated on ledger, but the local copy is not synced with the latest changes.

Update an existing DID

1. Update the DIDDoc contents / body

Use a text editor like nano to edit the body of the DIDDoc (the example below assumes it's saved in a file called diddoc.json).
nano diddoc.json
For example, we can take the DIDDoc created previously and change the Service Endpoint from to
"id": "did:cheqd:testnet:z4Q41kvWsd1JAuPFBff8Dti7P6fLbPZe",
"verification_method": [
"id": "did:cheqd:testnet:z4Q41kvWsd1JAuPFBff8Dti7P6fLbPZe#key1",
"type": "Ed25519VerificationKey2020",
"controller": "did:cheqd:testnet:z4Q41kvWsd1JAuPFBff8Dti7P6fLbPZe",
"public_key_multibase": "z4Q41kvWsd1JAuPFBff8Dti7P6fLbPZe3Nmod35uua9TE"
"authentication": [
"service": [{
"type": "LinkedDomains",
"service_endpoint": ""

2. Send an update DID transaction to the ledger

Send the updated DIDDoc to the ledger. This must be signed with the correct identity keys:
cheqd-noded tx cheqd update-did <DIDDoc_in_JSON> <did_verification_method_id> <identity_private_key_BASE_64> \
--from <cosmos_account> --node <url> --chain-id <chain> --fees <fee>


  • did_verification_method_id: Fully-qualified verification method key name, in did:cheqd:<namespace>:<unique-id>#<key-alias> format.
  • identity_private_key_BASE_64>: Base64 encoded private key to sign the current identity message with. Must be a valid identity key.
  • --from: Cosmos account key which will pay fees for the transaction to be written to ledger.
  • --node: IP address or URL of node to send request to
  • --chain-id: E.g., cheqd-testnet-4
  • --fees: Set to 5000000ncheq


cheqd-noded tx cheqd update-did "$(cat diddoc.json)" "FxaJOy4HFoC2Enu1SizKtU0L+hmBRBAEpC+B4TopfQoyetOF5T68Ks3db5Yy9ykFdgEboPUes3m6wvXNLpbv+Q==" \
--from my_account --node --chain-id cheqd-testnet-4 --fees 5000000ncheq