Installing cheqd-node with Docker


We provide a pre-built cheqd-node Docker image for installation by those who want to run on Docker-based systems.
In general, it is NOT recommended to run a validator node using Docker since you need to be absolutely certain about not running two Docker containers as validator nodes simultaneously. If two Docker containers with the same validator keys are active at the same time, this could be perceived by the network as a validator compromise / double-signing infraction and result in jailing / slashing.
Running non-validator nodes via Docker is less risky, as the validator keys don't matter here.


Pull the pre-built cheqd-node Docker image at the required version-tag number:
docker pull<version-tag>
We provide a simple Docker Compose file to bring a node up with the required configuration. This is broken down into three files that need to be modified with the configuration parameters:
  1. 1.
    docker-compose.yml: Docker Compose file
  2. 2.
    docker-compose.env: Environment variables used in docker-compose.yml
  3. 3.
    container.env: Environment variables used inside the cheqd-node container
Both of the .env files are signposted with the REQUIRED and OPTIONAL parameters that can be defined. You must fill out the required configuration parameters.
Once the environment variable files are edited, bringing up a Docker container is as simple as:
docker-compose -f docker/persistent-chains/docker-compose.yml --env-file docker/persistent-chains/docker-compose.env up --no-build
Note: The file paths above for the -f and --env-file parameter are relative to the root folder of the cheqd-node repository. Please modify the file paths for the correct relative/absolute paths on the system where you are executing the commands.


To build the image:
  • Go to the repository root;
  • Run docker build --target node -t cheqd-node -f docker/Dockerfile ..
Default home directory for cheqd user is /cheqd. It can be overridden via CHEQD_HOME_DIR build argument. Example: --build-arg CHEQD_HOME_DIR=/home/cheqd.
Note: If you are using M1 Macbook you should modify the FROM statement in the Dockerfile, should be like this FROM --platform=linux/amd64 golang:buster as builder
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