Community Pool Proposal Template
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Community Pool {1} {Example Proposal}

{PROPOSED} {Not Implemented}
Select from below: {DRAFT | PROPOSED | ACCEPTED | REJECTED | SUPERSEEDED by PROPOSAL-xxx | ABANDONED} {Implemented | Not Implemented}
This is an example of a Proposal Summary
A short (~150 word) description of the Proposal you want to make. Provide a simplified and layman-accessible explanation of the Proposal in plain English to have the best chance of gaining community interest and having it accepted.
A longer <500 description of what you want the community pool to be spent on, making direct references to where you want to make changes from, using links.
I want to donate the community pool to X initiative because they support X. A link to the initiative can be found here:
[insert link]
Describe who the recipient of the pool is.
[insert cheqd Network address]
[insert amount of cheq tokens from the community pool to allocate to this address]
This section describes the resulting context, after applying the decision. All consequences should be listed here, not just the "positive" ones. A particular decision may have positive, negative, and neutral consequences, but all of them affect the community and project in the future.
[Insert positive consequences here]
[insert negative consequences here]
[insert neutral consequences here]
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